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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Almost back to normal..whatever that is

Well, the show is over.  It went ok.  I'd have preferred things go a little differently, but I have to remind myself that these kids are barely out of high school, and their experience is limited.  So all in all i was happy with it. 

I was taken quite aback by the level of immaturity from one of the students i expected it from least.  he had repeatedly asked me if he could do something at the curtain call he knew before asking that i'd say no to. And I'm sure he did it to get to rise out of me, cause that's always entertaining.  But Saturday night he actually did one of the things I expressly told him he could not do.  I was not pleased.

In the end he took a calculated risk to impress his friends in the audience and it cost him not only his actor/director student/teacher relationship with me, but any chance of being cast in a show of mine again. Being the expert at student communications I made sure one of his comrades knew my feelings, knowing she'd meet him at the door minutes later.  He studiously avoids me now. He may be smarter than I gave him credit for.

Anyway, I 'm getting rested, and today begins the return to some sense of normalcy.  I go back to the grocery for a bit today then teach the rest of the week.

Mississippians are still being cowardly bigots, the pope is still hiding behind his altar boys, people are still going to jail to prove their point about gay rights,  and not much has changed since I last wrote here regularly.

BUT!  There are green trees outside my window, the temperature outside is decidedly more welcoming when I venture out,  I see people in the parks, and soon, perhaps tomorrow or Thursday I myself will be able to go out and play. 

I cannot wait.

So, hope is still alive, perhaps we will actually live one day in a world where the hatred borne of Christianity will no longer be a scourge on the land, and we will all see that letting others live their lives without the interference of religion and it's hateful ideology is truly the way to that light everyone seems to be seeking when they flock to houses of worship.

I have to note that the college rents out our theatre to a church every Sunday and  this Sunday was no exception.  In light of the fact that it was Easter I requested that the powers that be reiterate to the church group that they needed to, as stated in their rental agreement, be out and clear by 1pm so we could take possession of the theatre for our matinee. They did this, but not until after rearranging much of our set, using and rearranging actors personal belongings in the dressing rooms, and making sure their displeasure at our presence was registered.  They also drove the wrong way down the college drive as they exited. 

All that praying and preaching didn't even get them to their cars.  I find it ironic,sad, and unfortunately not a bit surprising.

And so it goes:

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