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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger you owe me nothing!

I do not give a shit who Tiger woods sleeps with.  If he's not true to his marriage vows it's none of my business.

If he gets into a fight with his wife and she beats the shit out of him with a golf club, and then takes out the rear windows of his car while he's trying to escape it's none of my business.

Ironic and possibly a little humorous, but not my concern.

I truly hope he doesn't apologize today.  He doesn't owe us a damn thing, he's worked for every penny of that money since he was a little kid, leave the poor guy alone already. Why do we have to ultimately humiliate every single person we come to idolize?  It's a bad habit and the American people could stop that shit anytime.

And so it goes:

Love, cause it's all you got.

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