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Thursday, February 18, 2010

This means war

Alright that's it.  I've had enough.  This picking on Toyota has got to stop.

I do not own a Toyota, I have never owned a Toyota, and until I can afford the one I want I won't own one.  BUT!  Every single person I have ever known that did own one loved it.

They loved it for it's quality, they loved it for it's reliability, and they loved for the fact that it never gave them unnecessary shit. unlike every American car they'd ever owned.

Get the picture? American cars can't cut it and  rather than play fair and make a better car, they'd rather  fuck with those that do. Fuck the big three I say.  Fuck them. It's so typically American to play the game unfairly.

Currently I own this car.

It's what one would call, ok.  Nothing  special but ok.  

Here's the list of problems and their "solution" from my dealer.

1.) Developed an incredible squeaking sound the first winter, when going over speed bumps in my parking lot every single morning.  Solution: None Second dealer replaced the sway bar bushings and the noise went away.  I've owned 40 cars and never had to replace those.
2.) Developed a creak in the seat when ever I leaned in any direction.  Solution:  None. Second dealer installed a kit from the factory and it stopped.
3.) Developed a hesitation on acceleration at 14k.  Solution: "There's nothing wrong with your car and we won't run the computer for updated software unless there is."  Second dealer flashed the computer, hesitation went away. Performance improved.
4.) At 15k all 4 Strut mounts went bad, clicking, popping, clunking. Solution: None. Second dealer replaced all struts and mounting hardware and problem was solved for 15k.  Due to shitty American parts it came right back and has been there ever since. Car is now out of warranty so the next set of struts is on me, and of course I'm underemployed so I get nada.  Chrysler on the other hand gets billions of tax dollars to produce more crap they can foist off on me and thousands of unsuspecting fools like me.
5.) Steering wanders.  Solution: Don't drive so fast, like over 70.  (I swear to god.)

The first dealer was Bob Hoss in Kansas city KS, as you can see they suck, and they're proud that they suck, and they want to suck for you, and they have no intention of not sucking. They'll never suck for me again I can tell you that. And I'll tell anyone who'll listen. The second dealer didn't survive the collapse of Chrysler.  But most importantly they simply do not give a shit. They've sold me the car, and now they're through with me.  I don't know if Toyota dealers are different, but I can say I know from others that their experience is different in that the damn cars don't HAVE to go back to the dealer. 

So rather than have a manufacturer that makes good cars, let's discredit them and make people buy our American pieces of shit. it just irks me that Congress is threatening to investigate Toyota, yet when Dodge puts out a POS they don't all jump up and schedule an investigation, they just say..."oh well."

Such an American way of doing things don't you think?  Sounds like politics in Washington.

And so it goes:

Love, cause it's all you got.


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