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Monday, February 1, 2010

talk talk talk

Lip Service is all we get these days and not in a good way.

There's apparently some runing debate this past week over CBS's refusal to air an ad for "Mancrunch" a gay "dating" site during the super bowl.

Hello?!?!  I can attest to the fact that I am not the only man who ever got on one of these sites cause I've met men from there.  So I can't be the only one to know these are hookup sites for closet cases and guys on the dl.

I get that CBS should be inclusive, but why the brouhaha over this particular site? 

I don't think their financials are the point here though they get mentioned often in the discussion.  It's about what's best for us overall.  And this is not it.

Gods know I am not embarrassed by anything gay, but seriously why this?  I have to qualify here that I'd be having this same conversation with you if it were an ad for the suburban bridge club that advocates we all get married have 2.3 children buy a Subaru and join the choir. 

The word diversity gets used in all these discussions right up until it's really needed. 

Let's see some action.  Some action that allows that we're all different. That we want different things in life and that the diversity is exactly what makes us a vital part of the culture.  Not some lame-ass guys making out and grinding each other on national tv. 

I don't want to see PDA's at any time, so why would I want MANCRUNCH to spend several million dollarsw to make and air an offensive commercial.

Missing the point is often the point in these discussions.

I recently had a fantasy come to a sort of real world fruition.  I used to ride my bike on lunch when I worked at the library. My route took me past the place of employment of a straight guy I used to know (and lust after) and one day I did indeed run into him while passing his office.  Time had grayed his hair, yellowed his teeth, and bowed him just a bit. (he was shorter than I remembered him)

He wanted to get together and have a drink which I did a couple weeks later. During the course of the conversation we talked about relationships, life in general and what we're doing now.  He's married with two kids, a predictable end for such a one.  But he brought up the subject of his church, which, to my understanding is a christian church. He specifically mentioned twice that the pastor there is intent on doing community outreach and the gay community is one of his specific targets.  "He wants to be inclusive." was the way my friend put it.  And suddenly I remembered why I hadn't seen him in almost 15 years.  His air of superiority.  It was as if he felt that us poor old fags needed a spiritual home and they were going to reach out to us poor wretches and bring us in from the cold. 

This is the ilk that will be watching the super bowl and I do not wish to feed their air of superiority by making them think that all we do is hook up and screw. 

Rob Brezny at freewill astrology is telling Gemini's this week that:

"It's time for you to fly away -- to flee the safe pleasures that comfort you as well as the outmoded fixations that haunt you; to escape at least one of the galling compromises that twists your spirit as well as a familiar groove that numbs your intelligence. In my astrological opinion, Gemini, you need to get excited by stimuli that come from outside your known universe. You need fertile surprises that motivate you to resort to unpredictable solutions. "

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this guy?

But just once as I age I'd like him to say :

"Don't worry about a thing goyem. make a fire, put your feet up, read a book,have a little nosh."

But no! He's telling me to go out and have adventures.


I'm tired and I need a nap.

And so it goes:

Love, cause it's all you got.

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