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Monday, January 4, 2010

What's in back of the sky?

Why, do you suppose, that I am surprised that Bobby DeLaughter's going to jail today?

Surely he knew what he was doing was wrong, surely he knew he would get caught. Apparently not.

He's human, he made mistakes, sure. But with the high profile career he's had, and with the zeal he's approached his biggest cases...

I'm at a loss to explain why such a one would work so hard simply to throw it all away in the end.

Bobby DeLaughter will be lucky to get a job washing dishes next year when he gets out of prison. How did he get there?

Speaking of which, how did the Elton John, Eminem duo come to be? Elton has been helping Marshall kick his drug habit? Is this real is just Elton's self-aggrandizement?

Is Marshall really a homophobe, or is it that he's found a way to get richer being tongue-in-cheek on the subject and we just don't get it? I suspect it's the latter.

It'd be dismaying to find out that Marshall Mathers is the Walt Whitman of our time wouldn't it?

And so it goes:

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