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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sleep makes me productive

Well at least the prospect of sleep makes me productive.

Yesterday I bought a memory foam mattress topper thingy. I may never leave the apartment again.

Though I was pretty productive before that anyway. I got all sorts of things done. Including my evaluation from the college which was quite good thankfully.

Speaking of which last evening I finally noticed that the proverbial deadline that clears away all those neuroses was looming so I sat down and wrote the syllabus for my class, made the calendar for the semester, wrote the worksheets for their analyses, and the guidelines for their critiques. Then I worked on the lumber order for the set.

No wonder I slept well.

Today school starts for me and though it's a bit of a chore I'm glad, cause this waiting and watching tv thing every evening is killing me. Gods how do people do it?

Oh! And more gray skies in the offing. Today it's to rain, then be gray tomorrow, then rain again on Saturday and possibly snow on Sunday. Shit!

Here's hoping I have a fun motivated group of students who want to learn and think it's fun to do so.

That would be fun.

And so it goes:

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