The soul has greater need of the ideal than the real for it is by the real that we exist, it is by the ideal that we live

Monday, January 18, 2010


Martin Luther King Jr. probably would like to come back to clear up a few things. Like, I doubt he meant that we should just elect any ole black guy who ran for President. I think he held out the hope we'd be smart enough to look for a guy who could actually make a difference. Smart ain't our strong suit Doc.

The guy we got is better than George W. Bush, but what is THAT saying. Hell, I'm a homosexual, atheist, socialist, and I'D be better than George W Bush! But I think the problem is larger than the guy we wound up with being inexperienced.

Anyway, poor Michael King Jr. has apparently been misunderstood. Alas, I think we're stuck with what we got, and we'll be really cooked after tomorrow when the Republicans win Massachusetts for the first time in...well longer than I can remember that's for sure. Ted Kennedy will also want to come back and straighten out a few things if that comes to pass I'm sure.

I keep saying that apathy will be our undoing and I fear I'm more right on this point than I want to be.

For some reason my realization that the secret password to getting a job in higher educations is "Where da ya want these bags?" a la Rochester, has hit me pretty hard.

I have long wondered why there are so many people producing incredibly bad theatre in colleges all over the country, and now I know. The administration,
1.) has no clue what we do, nor how we do it.
2.) Doesn't give a shit about that.
3.) They don't want to know how dynamic you are in the classroom.
4.)They don't want to know how creative you are.
5.) Do not really care about the student's opinion of your teaching, unless it's negative.

They are interested in one thing and one thing only. They want to know how much trouble you're NOT going to be. They want you to go over in the corner and do whatever it is that you do without attracting any attention to yourself at all, unless it's gonna make them look good and then they're likely interested.

The entire world is donning rose-colored glasses and those of us who actually WANT to see the truth are being shunted off to the side like smokers with stinky breath.

It's apparently not apathy, it's denial.

This denial is allowing the dregs to rise to the top of the barrel. Like college presidents who lie,cheat, steal and then lie some more to cover it up. Evangelical preachers who profess we should be better than we are who then "keep there meeting for a cat-o-nine beating from a leather clad man named Moe." (thanks Stan).

How can we expect people to want to be realists anyway? If they live up to the ideals of their chosen religion their preacher turns out to be a child molester. They pride themselves on paying all they owe on time every time and the credit card companies screw them anyway. They entrust their children's education to a system that makes their child so stupid they can't find Canada on a map.

Denial is apparently a survival mechanism. But realism, it would seem to me, would be a better one. Let's look at things honestly and then work to fix them. We can change the way we're treated by corporations, we can change the education our child is given, and we can certainly change how this country is governed.

It'll take a revolution of course, but it's apparently necessary. Hate cannot continue to rule the day. Selfishness cannot continue to be our explanation. Denying responsibility is not our road to salvation.

I have to wonder who,what,when,where and why it'll happen and if I'll get to see it. knowing me I'll want to come back and straighten out a few things myself.

And so it goes:



Bigg said...

Hang in there, kiddo. It's all we can do. It may not be fun, but it sure beats the alternative.

Don's Girl said...

Elect any ol' black guy that ran for president? Does Jesse Jackson count? He ran--didn't he?

You're gay, athiest, and socialist, while I'm straight, Christian and liberal. Hmm. How long have we known each now? :)

The New Me said...

long time, and does any of that really matter?

And I forgot about Jesse, thanks for the reminder.