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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Americans are so touchy

Yesterday I made mention of the fact that I believe that we elected as President a person of color because he was a person of color, not because he was the most qualified. Not that John McCain was more qualified, he wasn't, but we'd chosen this guy over a much more qualified woman long before it got down to McCain.

However, in my zeal to explain that we did what I think we did,I assisted someone I know in relocating their glutes ABOVE their scapula instead of their regular location.

Like I always, say, they've got the same clothes to get glad in that they got mad in. Funny how my daily disagreements with lack of equal rights for gay people, with a shitty education system, with mans inhumanity to man never get a rise. But let me take exception to Mr. Obama's lack of accomplishment at creating change and woowee I screwed the pooch there. Personally I could give a shit what color the guy is. He could be purple with orange spots for all I care, if he's not getting the damn job done that I voted for him to do, he's not doing what I put him there for. Let's not get all wrought up about someone not thinking the guy is great just because he was first.

Is it something to be excited about that a black man is President, sure it is. Is it still necessary to be realistic about what he's done and what he's going to do? Yes. It's like the old argument about life support in modern medicine, "Just because we can, should we?"

He hasn't changed a damn thing, he hasn't accomplished one thing he said he would, and he shows no sign that he will. That, along with the apparent cockiness of the Democrats over winning Massachusetts which appears to be going to cost them the state for the first time in almost 50 years means that Mr. Obama will be a lame duck. The Republicans will now be able to block anything they don't want. And they don't want a lot of Obama's ideas. If Brown wins today health care is dead. Marriage equality is dead. Banking regulation is dead. Repealing DADT is dead.That's how thin the margin has been, and no change has been made AT ALL!!!

And today Americans are all up in arms, literally, over the notion that when they pour into a country in huge numbers bearing arms along with their H2O and then attempt to run things in a place where they're guests, that the hosts however discombobulated at the moment, might take exception.

Now, I don't say take your water and your food and your heavy equipment and go home, but at least mind your damn manners.

France has no claim to Haiti, and I don't know why they felt it necessary to start pointing fingers, but it doesn't seem unlikely that we'd run into a country and start telling everyone how to run it. Now does it?

Funny we won't do it here, but everywhere else we feel perfectly free to instruct people on how to run their lives. I once lived in a town that proved you could buy one in a box and just put together the pieces. But there were no instructions to tell the hillbillies in charge how to run it. This realization came the day after I'd watched a tornado pass within half a mile of my home only to be informed the next day that "Oh, we don't have any tornado sirens. We decided it cost too much money to install them." Really? Gotta love America the land of dichotomies.

So,in light of the fact that homosexuality is about to be criminalized in America I think I'll go back in the closet, deny my gayness, marry a woman, live a lie, join a church, and vote only conservatively. It's what most people want me to do anyway. It makes it easier for them to bury their heads in the sand if we do what they expect and give no surprises. Toe the line and everything's fine. Make waves and you cause nothing but trouble for everybody.

Everybody who can't face reality that is.

I looked at real estate yesterday on the internet. I have new ideas coming on. I think I like them.

Last night I was watching tv, one of the things I rarely get to do, and someone said "If a man is over 40 and he's not married he's either a rascal or a pouf."

I contend one can be both.

And so it goes:

Love, cause it's all you got.


Don's Girl said...

You didn't screw the pooch.

I'm also disappointed in what has and has not happened in the Obama White House. Yet, I remain optimistic.

I like to read you views on items. Whether or not we agreee puts the learn from each other aspect in it. Risk indeed.

The New Me said...

I'm so glad to hear you say that. I completely agree.