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Friday, December 18, 2009

This should end with friday

Why is it that I think it won't? It just seems to get better and better.

Last night I was at what is apparently my new career...the grocery, and I was informed by someone I'll call "the kid" that a remark had been made regarding me that I received with shock and awe.

Here's what we have, "the kid" is an 18 y/o very immature boy. He doesn't apparently have an older male role model who talks to him like he's human, and like every young man he craves it.

I have been, until last night, proud to be the guy who provides that. Then "the kid" comes to me and says that the one woman whom I would never suspect of making such a statement had passed behind him while he was working and said, "It's about time you started working and stopped flirting with S****."

I am furious!

She, as we know, can kiss my ass, and "the kid" assures me that she was joking. So for my part I could care less. But she taken from "the kid" something he needs and that's not ok with me. Up until last night that relationship had not been suspect and now that it is. I'm willing to bet that he avoids it. He's just not strong nor confident enough to stand up and say "fuck you," but he should.

So that's the fight this morning. That should be fun, me getting told to go fuck myself when I confront her.

Got my first xmas card yesterday. Who sends xmas cards snail mail anymore? Well she thought of me, more than the guy who professes to love me did.

Found out the identity of the one Christmas present I have to get. Not a hard one AT ALL! Woohoo!!!

Oh! And for those that have become so spoiled in paradise that they think waking up to a 62 degree morning is cold, it's 29!!!

Work at 9 martini's at 5!

See. I've got to become a potter.

And so it goes:

Unbuttoned shirts was todays theme and all I could find were skinny twinks, ah well.

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Bigg said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through all this turmoil. There's never a good time for it, but the holidays are assumed to be a happy time for everyone and it's that much worse when you're not. I'm thinking of you, and wishing you all my best, inadequate as that is.
Email me, I'd really like to hear from you.