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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And that's uncle joe, he's a-movin' kinda the junction

That would be me today. I've hardly motivated beyond the bathrobe and coffee and it's 9am already. I'm gettin' old.

But today is a late day, and a pretty easy one at that. Things don't start until 3:30, and they're all done at 9:30, so I can take it easy around here if I want. And I do.

Does it make sense to try it again with my former bf? This is the ecouter du jour. I could go back there if I wanted, and though I'd love to be in a relationship again, it begs the question, do I want to be in a relationship with him? He's a good guy, a little, rather a lot neurotic, but who isn't. He can be rather difficult at times, no, I was referring to the former bf not myself. though it is accurate for us both.

oh! I got fixed up on facebook. Isn't THAT weird? A (straight)guy I knew years ago, and briefly at that, (we did a show together), has introduced me to a friend of his. Guy lives in the east I think, friend is still here, and guy decided we should meet. What's up with that? So out of courtesy I sent friend a message saying hello. Odd, this facebook thing. Friend hasn't responded yet. I can't imagine why.

Class wasn't very exciting this week. I felt bad for them that I wasn't on top of things, but I can't get over this sinus infection and it keeps me a bit lethargic.

Next week is their last week of rehearsal, and then it's showtime. There are two who've stopped showing up at all and I'm not giving them the out of dropping them at this late date. I'll just give them incompletes and see what happens to their Pell grants. That should get their attention. I like being thought of as an easy-going teacher, but there are limits.

Got a bunch of pots out of the kiln yesterday and there's one that's given me a dilemma. I originally intended to dip it in a floating blue glaze after the original firing and fire it again but it came out so well I'm tempted to leave the damn thing alone. I still think it would look cool as hell if I re-fired tough.

See my dilemma?

But I should stop pondering such lofty subjects. I still have two sets of dinnerware to make, and a pitcher, and 6 pie plates (which are needed before christmas.oops)So I have work to do and pondering the aesthetics of my "art" is a bit silly, though very fun.

Submitted a proposal yesterday to the University. They need a staffer to handle the facility, provide support for people using the building and equipment etc, but don't have it. I proposed a 20 hr a week position which would pay me rather generously, affording me the opportunity to stop running a cash register, which I would love. I also asked how they intend to handle the rather sizable sum they're going owe me for doing everything I'm doing next semester. They can combine stuff and offer me less, which I won't do. They can combine stuff and offer me a job, which I would do. Or they can choose to do nothing and I'll let them drown. We'll see.

I got new office furniture yesterday. The desk does not fit in my office, but I'll make do. It's ginormous, but it was the smallest one they had! They're going to fix my door issues, and give me a name plate for the door. It's astounding. I'm being treated like faculty! I hardly know how to act.

Still in the throes of Christmas shopping. I cannot get an answer out of my niece and nephew as to what they want. So if they don't answer soon it's Omaha steaks or nothing. I keep thinking I have no time to shop, but after the 15th I'm done teaching for almost a month and I'll have plenty of time, no money, but lots of time.

Well, the coffee's cold, and the pottery and bf issues must be ruminated over some more, so enough of this.

And so it goes:


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