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Monday, November 30, 2009

What's the big deal

Adam Lambert kissed a guy last week. He did it on television.

He's gay, why would he not kiss another guy?

I don't get it. He didn't advocate wiping all Republican's off the face of the earth,(hmmm) He didn't tear up a picture of the pope (not that there's anything wrong with that) He didn't kill anyone, nor advocate killing anyone, and yet here we are, Americans freaking out because someone publicly demonstrated their sexuality.

It's not 1984, it's 1954. Jesus people, get over it.

I used to have this bf who loudly proclaimed his outness to us all. He berated us for not being out at work, for not telling one and all we met that we are gay.

Then came his time to stand up.

We were standing in my front yard as he was leaving one day and I felt like kissing him, so I turned around and did. He stopped cold, looked around as though someone might see, and said, "S***!"

Not quite as out as he wants to think he is.

So now that we can finally see the difference between, Paul Lynde and Anderson Cooper, and Ellen Degeneres, and Madame Flowers, let's see if we can understand how numb we get to the homogenization.

Why must we all be the same? Why must we live the theme to The Patty Duke Show? You know, "They laugh alike, they walk alike,at times they even talk alike."

Why must we all get married, move to the suburbs, have 2.1 kids and a dog and buy a fucking Subaru? Why can't we want to live in the country and have horses and make pottery and teach a little, and spend Sabatticals in the South of France, and teach workshops in South America? Or must we live the alternative, which is to hide in our homes, ashamed of who we are and how we love because we offend the delicate sensibilities of conservative America?

How much have we actually progressed if I'm still writing these words some 30 years from where I started?

Last week we were informed yet again how much we are valued as human beings. Adam Lambert's appearence was cancelled on GMA and I defy you to guess who was his replacement?

Wait for it!

Convicted felon Chris Brown, of beating of Rhianna fame!

Now do you finally see where we are? Do you finally understand how little we are valued? Do you finally realize how much we are 'tolerated" because they're ruled by their religion? They do what they're told instead of what they know is right.

I guarantee you that if you're out, and a straight person at work gets mad at you, "that fucking faggot" is the phrase I always make book on. In other words, I wonder how many minutes, usually less than 5, does it take before the straight person says it. I promise you it gets said.

There was an interestingly truthful episode of NYPD some years ago, and a guy who was closeted was giving John the show's token gay character hell about tolerating straight people and he said "...they say terrible things about you behind your back."

He was right, they do.

It may be my job to forgive them, but I DO NOT have to remake myself in their image.

"My hypocrisy goes only so far." Doc Holliday, Tombstone

And so it goes:


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Don's Girl said...

Missed the AMAs--just like I have the last 10-15 years. So as I read my Google news about Adam-my interest piqued. Hunted for the snippet and found the felatio simulation. Had to smile. I, too was, confused about the broo-ha-ha. Girls wear nothing. Gyrate. Didn't that GaGa woman throw bottles or set something on fire? Big ol' double standard--especially cuz Ms. Janet Jackson was grabbing stuff too--her OWN. Gotta love Adam to announce, he's a performer, not a babysitter. I voted for Adam all thru American Idol--and I'm voting for him now.