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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's get more stupid!

Michele Bachmann ponders some tough questions. Obviously she's clueless that her husband is a big Nelly, and it's also apparent that she has no problem using government services like Medicaid, and Fanie Mae, since her husband accepts medicaid at his clinic, and apparently  she financed her house through Fannie Mae.  AND she seems to have no problem with her son joining Americorps. 

It's just when the rest of us want to get medical care and have no money, and buy a house and obain a mortgage, or go out and work with organizations that help people, of Gods forbid be one of those that needs help. 

So when she asks today's question I am not a bit surprised. 

I mean really, why would we want educated people in this country considering the fact that if we had them she'd have been laughed off the national stage long ago. 

So here you have it:

Bachmann: Why is there a Department of Education?

By: CNN's Ed Hornick
(CNN) - Painting herself as a "constitutional conservative" Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told Sen. Jim DeMint's forum Monday that if elected president she would look to get rid of the Department of Education, among other things.
"Because the Constitution does not specifically enumerate nor does it give to the federal government the role and duty to superintend over education that historically has been held by the parents and by local communities and by state governments," she said, responding to a question by DeMint, a popular figure among the tea party movement.

Another item on the chopping block: The Affordable Care Act.
People "see that the current government is acting outside the bounds of the Constitution. Probably the most obvious would be this, Obamacare and the individual mandate that is unconstitutional and is currently contained in Obamacare," she said.
Throughout the question and answer, Bachmann highlighted her understanding of the Constitution and the need to return to a limited federal government.
"And when I'm working with the Congress of the United States, my guiding principle will be that the government works best when it acts within the limitations of the Constitution," she said. "The current president of the United States has failed to demonstrate an understanding."
When asked about her jobs program, Bachmann pointed to her past as a tax litigation attorney and small business owner.
"(I) believe in profit and actually believe profit is a good thing and that we should encourage that in this country," she said. Bachmann called for a restructuring of tax rates for businesses – highlighting her experience in that area.
When asked if she would try and overturn Roe v. Wade, which gives women the right to an abortion, Bachmann said she would put forth a human life amendment and do everything in her power to restrict abortions. 

So let's celebrate stupid.  Without it Michele Bachmann would actually have to go out and get a real job and n ot be living off the dole like she apparently does.  

Quo Vadimus?

And so it goes:

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