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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crazy is as crazy does

Bobby Jindal, he of the louisiana governorship, is endorsing Rick Perry.

He of the "Government response to Hurricane Katrina was atrocious" response to Obama's first state of the union address.

Rachel Maddow's response is hilarious: This is the guy who's endorsing the GOP front runner. I wouldn't want this guy endorsing me for dog catcher. But here we go, the Presidential race is getting underway. Email Share (Newser) – Tim Pawlenty might think Mitt Romney's the guy for the job, but Rick Perry just scored a key endorsement of his own in his quest to be president: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is headed to tonight's Tea Party Republican Debate to give Perry his blessing, reports CNN. Jindal will be Perry's guest, and is expected to make the announcement prior to the debate. Quo Vadimus?

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