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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everything is NOT a business

Today we are in "I told you so!" mode.  I have said for a long time that the infection of big business in our lives has extended far beyond its proper application.

Everything is NOT a business, and this week that Koch Brothers pawn son of a bitch Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, admitted to it publicly.  


Wisconsin governor Scott Walker conceded that he made a mistake last February in the way he limited collective bargaining power that led to weeks of massive protests in Madison. However, he still defends his policies and believes that ending collective bargaining was somehow a cost-saving measure to the state.
Nationwide, Walker was criticized for trying to end state worker rights. He was also heavily criticized for his bullying tactics that did not allow any debate on the issue, but rather forced the law through.”The mistake I made early on is, I looked at it almost like the head of a small business: identify a problem, identify a solution and go out and do it,” Walker told Reuters at the National Governor’s Association meeting in Salt Lake City.
“I don’t think we built enough of a political case, so we let … the national organizations come in and define the debate while we were busy just getting the job done,” he said.
Walker continues to argue that his extreme policies helped prevent layoffs for state workers, even though restricting collective bargaining has not saved one cent. The political fallout from the controversy is still being felt. Six Republican senators who supported the measure will be forced to defend their seats during a recall election in August. Three Democratic senators are also up for recall. Democrats vow to recall Walker in January after he has served one year in office and will be eligible for recall according to state law.
If Democrats gain just three of the seats at stake in the special summer elections, they will take control of the upper house and have some control at preventing Walker’s draconian slashing measures. But, Republicans will still control the Assembly.
“If the Republican candidates are outspent two to one, it’s pretty difficult,” Walker said of the recall effort.
“Conversely, if things end up being relatively even and the message gets out,” the party will have a better chance of prevailing, he said. Walker said he did not plan to campaign in the contested districts.
Last November, a large majority of states fell to Republican governors who promised to provide jobs to the nation’s long suffering unemployed. However, they have failed to deliver and their approval ratings are plummeting. Walker believes that his poll numbers will improve when voters see improvement in the economy.
But, while Washington fights over the ridiculous debt ceiling and each state is trying to ban abortion and other morality clauses, the unemployment rate stays stagnant. Sorry, Scott but your numbers aren’t going to improve any time soon. Slashing spending throughout the country DOES NOT help jobs.
Everything is NOT a business folks!  Does anyone remember when hospitals ran with a board of directors and were controlled without corporate interference?  They seemed to get along fine for centuries!  And health care was way better for the individual patient.

Remember when live theatres were controlled by learning institutions and not the whims of politicians who want to politicize any and every message?  They seemed to be able to exist for centuries too.  Wake up folks business is an infection and we need a huge tube of salve.
People are slowly, and I hope permanently waking up to the fact that the current trend of the GOP to eliminate benefits of any kind, lower wages, eliminate social security, medicare and any entitlements is not an accident.  They've been planning this a long long time.  The fools who blilndly go out and vote a party line without doing any of their own due diligence get what they deserve.

The problem is we all have to pay the price. And we all have to spend years fighting to regain the same protections our ancestors gave their lives for and we gave up without a thought until it was too late.

I also agree with this douchebag.  His message of  divisiveness, mixed with a heavy dose of ignorance and hate, are unconscionable, as his existence, but his contention that a civil war over civil rights is coming, mirrors my own.

 "We can harken back to our American revolution. The Declaration of Independence has a long list of sayings that the colonists were lobbying King George III about, but King George III just kept coming back with more and more taxes, he didn’t listen. So they said, well, you know what, it’s our right to alter or dissolve the government. And that’s what we’re doing, we’re declaring independence. We’re not there yet but I tell you what if we don’t start voting different and telling people how to vote and if pastors don’t repent and teach people how to vote Christianly, then we’re heading to toward a real civil war I’m afraid." - Randy Thomasson, head of the hate group Save California.

 I have long said that people who hate can only be conquered one way...force.

 No one seems to listen.

Hopefully I'll get to be an old old man and see them prove me wrong, but I don't see that right now.

And so it goes:

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