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Saturday, June 25, 2011

We're on the way

Admittedly I celebrated a bit too much last night.  So my post was celebratory but brief.

Marriage in New York is no small feat.  It more than doubles the number of those eligible to marry.  It magnifies the hopes and dreams of more Americans than I can count. 

Our Pride this month should be doubly strong in that we're still a viable political entity, that we still matter, and that we have champions like Andrew Cuomo.  All of us who've marched, written letters, blogged, or even done something as small as wear a t-shirt or just talked about the subject with someone have helped in this effort.  It makes a difference, all of it.

And last night's vote is evidence of that. 

Hold your  head high, walk down the street and be proud of who you are and how you love.  That's the single most effective way to make a difference. 

The fight isn't over.  But these victories are so sweet.

And so it goes:

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