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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One step forward...two steps back

I figure New York will have marriage equality this week. I figure it'll be fought in the courts. I figure they'll keep it in the end.

I also figure that people who disagree with you will be able to censor your speech whenever they like a la Roger Ebert today.

Now, let me state I'm not a huge fan of Roger's. He's been a bastion of film criticism for many years, and congrats to him for beating the cancer his counterpart Gene Siskel didn't.

But today he's been under attack for saying something that could probably have been phrased a bit more thoughtfully.

Yesterday Ryan Dunn, one of the stars of Jackass, drank drove and died as a result. Roger Ebert made a quip regarding jackasses and got his ass handed to him as a result. Including the fact that Facebook took down his page.

This brings me to a little diatribe about our willingness to allow Facebook to tell us what we can and cannot say. I'd go on about this being the beginning of Big Brother watching us and censoring our speech, but it's not the beginning, this has been going on, and no one seems to care.

Do we think so little of our freedoms and our hard won ability to speak our minds no matter how offensive or thoughtless, anywhere and everywhere, that we'll allow someone else to enforce them?

I will say that the privatizing of free speech considerations is a huge big deal and one we need to be more and more mindful of as the internet is regulated more heavily.

Ask any artist how well their job works when they're told what to say and how they can say it.

And so it goes:

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