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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ain't we got fun

I love Sarah Palin! Her unwillingness to admit a mistake, and her incurable American Disease, i.e. her insistence that someone else was at fault...always...enamors me to her.

I mean where else would I find a joke that makes its own punchlines so readily?

The best part is that the teabaggers are so willing to support this POS that they're attempting to change the wikipedia page on Paul Revere to support her contentions that her version of events is correct and that Paul Revere was actually warning the British.

Why admit a mistake? Just rewrite history to suit you...much more expedient.

Ah Sarah, you justify ALL of my contentions about the hideous education system in this country.


Of course there's always my favorite patriot...hehe.

And so it goes:

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