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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

why not do both?

I keep thinking I have choices to make, and perhaps I do, but then again perhaps I don't.

I keep thinking I have to decide whether to stay here or go, or to buy a house here or somewhere else. (there r great bargains in Las Vegas and South Florida, not to mention Central California btw) But why do I have to make that choice?

Currently if I stick to my present mindset these r the two choices. this one here in town,

featuring this outdoor kitchen:

and then there's the cabin featuring these:

The one with the kitchen features a detached garage in which I can set up a studio, it does keep me here  but it also keeps me in close access to the galleries and fairs I service here already so I don't have to re-establish my business, and I don't have to do it in a state where one can throw a rock and hit a potter.  

The one with the mountains, well it has everything else. And except for the rare occasion I'd be there during ski season I could rent it out and make money off it during the winter.  
So there's that.

No word on the CA job, but considering the fact that the day after I mailed the packet off I read that Cali laid off 50,000 teachers, I think they'll have plenty of applicants.  No need for me to traipse across the country yet again I'm certain of that. at least not for this job.  
So though it's not quite a quandary, it is a bit thought provoking.  Should I stay or should I go?

Or should I do both?

And so it goes:

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