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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Such as we are made of, such we be.

Identifying a problem is said to be half the battle.  Well, at least we now know what the problem is.  Stupid people are in charge of things they shouldn't be in charge of. 

The unrelated Schiller's who were in charge of NPR yet are no more, were apparently stupid.  Vivian for hiring Ron apparently. 

At a time when the very existence of NPR is in doubt one might want to be politic in their speech, particularly to new acquaintances.  BUT NO! 

Mr. Schiller expresses some of the most moronic simple minded notions painting the very people who would eliminate NPR and PBS funding in the worst possible light. Thus making enemies not only more determined, but providing them with all the ammunition they could possibly need to accomplish their mission.

And people who know how to behave intelligently in times of crisis are likely unemployed right now, wishing they could have such an opportunity as Schiller et al.

On yet another sour note I see Chuck Colson late of the Watergate seven, has managed to get himself catapulted onto youtube, where apparently all taped stupidity resides opining about Obama and the decision not to defend DOMA. 

Had I been convicted of a felony my opinion would be less than significant to...well, anyone.  Yet someone who manages to attain and maintain the public eye in some sick perverse way, even and especially after he's committed some of the biggest crimes against the Constitution of the past century, THAT guy get's attention.  People apparently want to hear his ideas.

I work with the public, I see every single day of my life how stupid America is.  It's military might that saves us because if we had to go up against a nation utilizing only our wits we'd be done for.

 And so it goes:


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