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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ho boy

You know those days when before you';re barely awake you can tell things aren't going to go well?

This is apparently one of mine.  last November when my adoptive father died i sat my brother down and gave him a list of what needed to be done.  Insurance companies to contact, brokers to notify, property to liquidate, etc.

Yesterday I got a letter from an insurance company asking me to call them regarding Dad's estate.  (sigh)

Today I called first thing. My diligence was rewarded with a snippy bitchy woman on the other line who apparently had to write everything down as opposed to using a computer.  She asked "What was your relation to Mr. H****?"  "He was my father, I said."  "So, you're his son?"

"Yes, it stands to reason that if he was my father, I was his son."  We stopped getting along after that.

I referred her to the attorneys handling the estate.

Then my excessive sense of duty took over and prompted me to send the letter to the executor.  I am fully prepared at this time to throw my printer out the fucking window.

Had I the choice I'd cancel the damn day and go back to bed.  I do not feel like playing well with others today.
And so it goes:



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