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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's day!

It's arrived!  That one day a year we celebrate all things Irish by getting drunk and inappropriate.

And we thank you all.

I read a blog called American Irish by a young guy who has immigrated to Ireland and now lives there with his husband.  

His writings of late have been much more personal in nature and more heartfelt it seems.  I enjoy it more now than ever.  Not that he does any writing of more than a personal and diaristic nature, but what he does write makes me more and more curious about life in Europe.  hmmm

But today is for those of us who are obviously and inviolately Irish.  We'll tolerate that all of you think of yourselves as Irish today, and welcome you as you stumble drunk into places you'd never dare enter intoxicated on any other day.  We'll thank you for all your good wishes through your drunken haze, and some of us, (me included) will wish we could join you in the stupor for this day, alas we have to work. Somoene has to be responsible today.

A recent project at National Geographic Magazine tells us that the average person on planet Earth is actually a 28-year-old Han Chinese male.
The project also reveals that the most common person on this planet is:
- Right handed
- Has an annual income under $12,000
- Owns a cellphone, but doesn't have a bank account

Doesn't have a bank account?  Is this the new norm for what used to be called the middle class?  Is this what we have to look forward to for our children?

I suggest you read Griftopia, as well as Taibbi's other books.  They're enlightening.  I would imagine that "Han Chinese Male" part in the National geographic project sets quite a few conservative Americans teeth on edge. 

and so it goes:

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