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Monday, February 7, 2011

These whippersnappers!

Got the show tech'd in 5 hrs.  record time, very happy.

The actors fell apart when they tried to do it with lights, but maybe it's a good  lesson to them to really learn your lines BEFORE the show opens.They got a lecture, what else can I do?

But the show looks lovely. The new LD is a nice guy and did a really good job.  In fact was way ahead of me on the lighting for the end of the show.    I tried to stay out of it, it's not easy for me.

Why do you suppose Christine Aguilera is regarded as a singer?  She sucks!  And that's certainly not because I'm such a huge fan of the National Anthem of the United States, it's because SHE sucks!  All that wahahahahahahahahah-ing,  STOP IT!  That is NOT singing!

I just wish people would stop thinking of her as a singer, she makes noise, that's all.

And apparetnly we're  celebrating the 100th birthday of the biggest mass murderer since Hitler.

Ronnie, (the senile) Reagan.  we celebrate the strangest things here in America.

The discovery of the Indies, which we decided was the discovery of America, by a brutal despot.  The pretend birthday of our "savior." President's Day, most of whom ordered thousands killed in the name of "right." The 4th of July on which we established the right to persecute others for their beliefs. and on and on ad nauseum.

Ronald Reagan never once mentioned the word AIDS until he was almost finished his second term.  Tens of thousands of people had died by that time.  He allowed it.  Even encouraged it.

The only appropriate punishment for that miserable bastard wold be for him to remember for all eternity what he did, and to have to listen to Christine Aguilare sing the national anthem over and over and over.

and so it goes:

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