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Monday, February 14, 2011

Oy ye! Oy ye! Oy ye!

Be it known, that my employer the ********** Commmunity College officially sucks!

After putting me through the paces of a contract, and requiring that I be in attendance every single day this weekend even though I was running a temp and likely, had i the funds to be examined, had the flu, guess what they have gone and done this time?

Oh come on!  You can guess I know it. I'll give you a clue, THEY'VE DONE IT BEFORE!

Yes! They haven't paid me!  And after throwing a hissy fit in the Dean's office, they STILL haven't bothered to call me with an answer as to exactly when I will get paid.  Mind you the contract says they're to pay me Feb 10, opening day.  They decided it'll be Feb 15, but now apparently not!  Which means they're in breach!  I cannot wait to call an attorney in the morning. 

Let me take this opportunity to assure you that Master Card, my Landlord, Chrysler financial, not to mention the IRS were OH SO UNDERSTANDING, when I called to explain my dilemma and why THEY WILL NOT BE GETTING PAID IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE!!!

Their reaction? It warmed the cockles of my heart I tell you!

So, though I have grown accustomed to eating and living indoors, the ********* Community College apparently doesn't give a damn whether I can keep doing that or not.

They seem not to be aware that THIS is exactly the sort of thing that inspires teachers to ORGANIZE!  and to FORM UNIONS!

But shortly they will be.

So to express my warm and kind feelings toward the administration at the college I so love I offer you this graphic expression of my feelings:

Seriously, what're they gonna do, not pay me?
and so it goes:

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