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Thursday, January 6, 2011

the waiting is the hardest part

I put off posting this morning because i had a busy morning and had to get out of here.  Now I find that my fever is back and I'm crabby and want to go to bed.  But duty calls.

So, if I understand today's events correctly, for the first time the constitution was read at the opening of the new congress.  This would strike me as redundant if it weren't for the fact that the participants, 1.) have already demonstrated complete ignorance of the documents contents.  and 2.) that it's not likely that they have read anything, let alone the constitution  so they probably need to know what it says.

I was particularly fond of the mention that a woman so stupid as to believe the birther arguments was in the gallery shouting things like "Jesus help us!"  lol

This, of course, brings up all my old religious arguments, that those mythical people didn't actually exist, so those who invoke their names at inappropriate times are just exhibiting their insanity.

Speaking of which, David Silverman completely blew his interview with Bill O'Reilly.  Instead of listening to O'Reilly ,and responding to his questions, he attempted to shout him down with his non-stop chatter.  It seemed he was intimidated by O'Reilly.  Someone should have prepared the dumbass so he didn't freak out on camera.  the arguments made by the American Atheists are quite sound.  unfortunately they haven't found anyone who can adequately articulate them publicly.  And until they do they'll just be labeled crackpots and ignored.

Too Bad they blew a great opportunity to be thought of as thinking people.

I was referring to the American Atheists, but it also applies to congress today as well.

and so it goes:

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