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Monday, January 10, 2011

let it snow let it snow let it snow

Unfortunately there will be the need to go out in this mess in a bit.   I'd rather stay here, but I've grown accustomed to eating and living indoors so off to work I go. 

I am canceling rehearsal though.  I'm not fighting the elements to go to a read-thru and I don't expect them to either. 

The usually mouthy Sarah Palin is strangely quiet since the Giffords shooting Saturday.  Were are you Sarah?  No actual guts to come out and take your lumps for pushing guns into the hands of the mentally ill?  No rhetoric for the situation that you helped create?  No courage to stand up for what you supposedly believe in? 

Apparently not.

I find it amusing that so much is being made of the fact that the intern who apparently helped Giffords right after her shooting is gay.  What bearing on all this could the guys sexuality possibly have?  We're a screwed up society we are.  

Speaking of which-

Californication is back. 

Thank Gods for Hank Moody.  He's my vicarious outlet for all that stuff I used to have the energy to do.  And he's funny to boot. From assault to statutory rape in 22 short minutes.  That Hank, he's such a mover and a shaker.  This bad boy doing penance thing is starting to wear thin so they may need to wrap it up and move on with his maturation soon.  I love the Karen/Hank/Becca thing, but this righteousness over the whole Mia thing which they don't know the truth of is kinda pissing me off at them.

Not a big fan of guilty until proven innocent. particularly within families. (I wonder why)

Snow blower outside the window.  This is not a good sign.


And so it goes:

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