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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Da Noive!

I realize that it 's redundant to say that Sarah Palin has a lot of nerve, but Sarah Palin has a lot of fucking nerve.

To spend several days silently working up a way to find someone else to blame for the exact thing she does, and refuse to take responsibility for it is absolutely typical of her and her ilk.

The fact is that the last decade has brought this country to one of it's most violent eras. The use of imagery designed to provoke thoughts of weaponry, military might, and violent acts on our behalf are daily occurrences.

The swiftness with which we as a society have embraced hatred and violence is shocking to anyone with a conscience.

I would implore the Sarah Palin's of the world to accept he responsibility of their words and to embrace a more peaceful approach to our problems. But I know that's wishful thinking in this world.

So I implore those of you who know better, who are smarter than the Sarah Palin's, to do everything you can to counterract their message of hate and their immeasurable ability to lay responsibility for their actions on others.

I'm not sure I'm hopeful it'll change the direction we're headed, but at least we can look in the mirror and say we tried.It'd be nice too if when we choose words, they were chosen wisely, not by the illiterates that Palin surrounds herself with.  They apparently don't know two things:
1.) That blood libel is a term that is incredibly sensitive and offensive to jews.
2.) Giffords is a jew.

Good job Sarah. More confirmation that you're a halfwit. as if we needed it.

And so it goes:

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