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Thursday, December 2, 2010

There was this job in Texas

And i was interested in it, BUT it was in Texas, so I decided to think about the idea of living in Texas before doing so.

Then this happened:

and then this:

Texas: Father John M. Fiala has been charged with hiring a hit man to murder the 12 year-old boy who has accused the priest of raping him at gunpoint. Police say Fiala offered $5000 to an informant to murder the child. In a separate pending lawsuit the boy contends that Fiala's diocese had attempted to cover up his accusations of molestation.

and this:
Speaking to Fox News Sunday today, Texas Gov. Rick Perry called Medicare and Social Security "a Ponzi scheme" and unconstitutional.
"Do the things you're supposed to do, like securing our border, like delivering the mail -- preferably on time and on Saturdays -- before you get involved in things that the Constitution doesn't say one word about, like health care," replied Perry. Wallace followed Perry's logic and asked if he therefore believed the federal government should end Medicare and Medicaid, and send all the money to the states instead. "What I'm saying is between Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, there's $106 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and not one dime saved to pay for them," replied Perry, not directly answering the question.
Texas has the nation's highest rate of uninsured residents, but Perry thinks the government is already doing too much to help the impoverished.

And yet again this:
Texas police have charged a 19 year-old student with murder after he led investigators to the beaten and burned body of 18 year-old fellow student Joshua Wilkerson (left). The suspect claims the pair fought after Wilkerson made sexual advances on him.
The suspect, identified as Hermillo Moralez, beat Joshua Wilkerson to death with a large wooden object sometime Tuesday afternoon, according to court records from Brazoria County. The 19-year-old then burned the teenager's body. Moralez told investigators Wilkerson gave him a ride in his truck after school and sometime later, the victim "began to come on to him in a sexual manner," according to a probable cause document. Moralez said he hit Wilkerson and the two got out of his truck and fought. Moralez was previously a person of interest in the investigation when he was seen loitering in the area of Joshua Wilkerson's abandoned vehicle, according to a Pearland Police Department statement.
According to a local ABC station, after a handcuffed Moralez led police to Wilkerson's body, he attempted to pull a detective's gun from its holster and make an escape. Those two felonies will be added to the murder charges. He is being held without bond. News reports have not speculated as to whether Wilkerson was gay.

and in response to this:

there was this:

Everyone I talk to keeps telling me that Austin is so much different than the rest of Texas that i MUST give a try.   The fact remains that it's still IN Texas, no thanks. I need a job but not THAT bad.

And so it goes:

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