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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I have a code id by doze

In yet another prime example that having a child is a biological function, there is a young man, a teenager really, a child truthfully, he's 16, who works part time as a clerk at the grocery.  He's a good kid, never in any trouble,  motivated to do well.  Not very receptive to nagging or yelling, so one must learn to approach him with a reasonable attitude and he almost always responds well.

I came to work Sunday to learn that his mother, may she finally mercifully get deported back from whence she came, allowed her bf, who apparently is abusive to this kid to come over on Christmas eve.  Fisticuffs ensued.  BF was told to leave and not come back.  Kid awakens at 2am to find abusive bf in living room laughing and having a grand time with mom the scumbag.

Next morning it was time for Christmas presents.  They all opened theirs...then they were done.

The kid didn't get one present.

After succumbing to the lividity I am heir to I went immediately to the gift card rack and bought the kid a $25 best buy gift card and a $25 gift card to Olive garden so he can take his gf there.  I put them in a card and gave them to him.

All was well until he came in my office and hugged me.  Why, oh why must people feel they have to make me have PDA's.  Why?

In any case it was a small attempt to right a massive wrong.  What is wrong with parents?  Do they think their job is done at some point?  do they think that simply because the child has learned a certain set of rules that they're able to just turn their backs and send the child on their way?

Anyone who brings a child in this world is responsible from that day forward, no matter what a court of law says.  They're responsible to see to it that that child has every single advantage they can provide, every ounce of support they can muster, and every opportunity to understand they are loved.

Too bad i'm automatically suspect because of who and what I am, cause I'd take these kids home and give them a room and a home and say,  "here, have a normal life."  Cause that's all they want.


And so it goes:

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