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Friday, October 29, 2010

Makeup exam

Since I've been too busy to post most of this week, and somehow wound up even poorer than I was at the beginning, I'll play a little catch up.  Had an incredible class on Wednesday, I gave them back their mid-term which wasn't what I'd hoped for, and recognized that though they did well on the first script we analyzed they had no clue what I was talking about.  We took Death of a Salesman apart.  It was so much fun. 

Spent quite a bit of time in the studio and make lots of pots. Hopefully I'll have a good selection by the end of this month for christmas sales.

And the impending election is still causing me concern. Though I am relying on the good sense of the  masses, there are still a lot of crackpots out there who might vote for some of the less savory candidates, which could be trouble.  All I can do is urge you to vote on Tuesday  and   hope for the best, all the while wondering what land in Belize costs.

Here are the best and worst I could find:

Why would one need security in an interview?


Having immeasurable fun watching the Giants use the Rangers for batting practice.

Nolan Ryan doesn't look like he has much of a sense of humor about it all. And their GM, well he's just a grim looking guy these past two days. Not that I enjoy seeing anyone from Texas be unhappy...hehe.

Ah well tomorrow they're in Texas and we'll see how that goes. Obviously I'd love to see the Giants win the series, but we're not done yet.


And so it goes:

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