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Monday, October 18, 2010

It's starting again

Another week in which I'm playing catch up.

By the time I had coffee the morning had suddenly filled up and I need to be off.

The weekend was busy.  Dinner Friday with a friend from the library days. After that drinks and hot tubbing. Saturday was spent in the studio until about noon when I had to go install an exhibit at the shop I was askd to display in and then a meeting with my web designer about the website. She did exactly what I wanted her to do.  She kind of cut me loose.  We set up a blog which I can manage and she can help me with, and I no longer have to put up with her procrastination and poor design.  Yeah! So feel free to come look at the development of Rising Sign Pottery

Then I was off to the fete at the store where my pottery is.  In the 90 minutes I was there I got offered a gallery and a show.  Um Yeah!

This brings up yet again methods by which I can get what I'm after in the way of artistic recognition, and yet it tells me yet again not to jump on the highway outta here just yet. Oh, I'd go given the chance, but if things remain static I now have alternative plans that could work quite well indeed.

Then I went to a production of Talk Radio at the college and was very pleasantly surprised.  The student production was quite good. There were a few things missed, but that speaks to inexperience.  The evening as a whole though was very well done.   Very happy with this group of students.  I hope we can recruit as well for next year. 

And we can all rest easy about bullying and homophobia now.

Justin Beiber is on the case.

And so it goes:

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