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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The evil of Catholicism

The poor poor Catholics, who have recently cried foul over all the money they've had to spent on lawyers and settlements over all the pedophiles they've harbored for centuries rummaged through the couch cushions and came up with enough spare change to send out over 400,000 dvd's to Catholic Minnesotans telling them how bad gay marriage is, and why they should stand united against it. 

What evil bullying bastards these people still are!  I remember when I was young and a student at a catholic school, the clergy would show up unannounced at your house, and tell everyone to kneel down so they could bless you and then proceed to tell you exactly what you were and were not going to do.  (It really happened in my house I swear.  It did not go well.) These presumptuous bullies think they can teach us to hate each other and that we'll just stand there and accept the indoctrination. 

Fuck You Bennie, and the altar boy you rode in on.

Fortunately for the thousands of gay Minnesotans there are those who understand that their church is preaching evil and they've organized a campaign to return the dvd's (postage due I hope) and then raised over 5k to feed the hungry, which, they say is much more in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

This was of course, not the end of the matter.  The bully's had to retaliate and they were given ample opportunity.  A group of students showed up at a Mass officiated by the Archbishop, John Neinstedt, wearing rainbow buttons in protest of the dvd mailings. 

The son of a bitch refused them communion. 

And another thing.  What idiot editor, not that all editors are idiots, mine is a nice guy, thought it a good idea to allow a Rutgers reporter to write an editorial telling one and all that we're exploiting Tyler Clementi's death for our own agenda? 

I was looking at Rutgers as a college for my next Master's but now...

It's unconscionable that this line of reasoning could be encouraged.  The reporter is obviously young, there are rookie mistakes like the statements that celebrities are exploiting the suicide for gain, and the statement that Tyler was barely known since he was  freshman and it's not even mid-terms yet. but the clincher is the plea to allow them to mourn him privately.

How does one mourn someone one doesn't know?  How does one know the motivations of others who have lived with bullying and hatred?  How does one encourage the suicide of gay youth and get it published in a college newspaper?  I'm sure someone will be meting with the President of the college today.   And they will not leave happy.

And so it goes:

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