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Monday, September 20, 2010

Why all the railing? It's over.

I don't know why it never occurred to me before, the railing at the stupidity and the insistence on educating ourselves, and the constant need to shout at the populace to get smart, is a complete waste of time.  America, is already gone.

The America I knew, and the America my parents knew is no more.  What's left is a different animal created by  Beelzebub, i.e. Ronald Reagan and those who came after him. Though we heard what he said and knew what his policies were we never really understood what he was doing.  And now that he's no longer around to burn at the stake as he should be, we realize what he wrought.

I look at articles like the one I saw this morning about people in their late 50's who are still looking for jobs after 4 years. Who are of the foolish notion that applying for a job on the internet will land them an interview. Never!

Sites such as Careerbuilder, Monster and the like are farces.  If those jobs exist they've long since been filled,  and  anyone applying will never hear from the prospective employer.  The categories they use "excellent match" etc. are useless.  I was recently called an excellent match for a job as a counselor.  The job requires a Master's in counseling which I do not have.  And that's just one example.

I read the comments about these stories and the rate of illiteracy is astounding.  The English language is murdered by these people.  Cliches such as "hard breaking," (heart-breaking) or "something's got to give in" (something's got to give) or today's winner in which the author says something unintelligible comparing longer lifespan and death panels to the current employment climate tell me that if these people even bothered to go to college at all, they got through because the instructor's are too lazy and/or stupid themselves to demand good work of their students.

We say we place such value on education and we pride ourselves on getting a college degree, which we are told is the key to success, and we're the stupidest nation on earth.  When the going gets tough we start to point fingers and blame each other and those who would replace us as an economic power are more than willing to exploit that chink in our armor. 

No, America has met it's enemy and it is us.  It didn't go out with a bang nor a whimper.  It went out and didn't even know it.  Until it was too late. 

And so it goes:

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