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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Other than the propaganda and stilted information we get fed daily we're also being fed stuff that's killing us.

I have to wonder why we don't object.

The producers of high fructose corn syrup, which, it can be demonstrated is responsible not only for the fattening of America, but is also responsible for the increased incidence of diabetes in this country want to change it's name.  They want to call it "corn sugar."

Isn't that nice?

Mind you that one of the largest producers of  "corn sugar" is  ADM.

ADM you might remember from that undecipherable little movie "The Informant" starring the lovely and talented Matt Damon, is the very organization whose President informed one of his co-conspirators that we, the consumer, are regarded as "the enemy."

Why, I ask you would we want to continue to consume products from a company that so obviously not only doesn't care about us, but actively pursues the sale of products that are detrimental to our health?

Big Tobacco didn't get away with it...entirely. Why would we allow the manufacturers of artificial substances that likely cause all manner of maladies to continue to ply us with this junk?

And we can't get enough!  Every man woman and child apparently consumes about 37 pounds of this garbage every single year.  This apparently is down from a high of 60 pounds.  All compared with .5 pounds in 1970.

Wow we're stupid.  And fat too. This little wonder drug is now being marketed heavily in Mexico.  Let's see if their incidence of diabetes and liver disease rises as did ours.  Then we'll know where to turn for a remedy.

It's kinda like discovering the best way to quit smoking is not to smoke the damn things.

And so it goes:

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