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Monday, August 30, 2010

Why did it have to be Al Sharpton???

Why was it necessary for the universe to play such a cruel joke on me? Why did it need to say haha in my face by showing me that the only person speaking publicly and saying things I agreed with in D.C. last weekend was Al?

It's like finding out that this guy is your secret admirer:

 This all so goes right to the heart of what I've been saying for so long.  That the populace is stupid.  That they're kept stupid because that's the way our elected officials want them.  That anyone capable of critical thinking does not serve their purpose and has no place in our culture. 

A great deal was made this weekend that the "rally" wasn't political in nature.  Except it was held in the nation's capitol, it was held on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's dream speech, future pillar of salt Sarah Palin was there telling the morons how much THEY'RE being screwed, and the only positions represented were those of white religious America.Oh and King's niece who thinks gay people marrying will make straight people extinct.  Talk about solidifying my argument about the education system.

White Republican Christian Hetero America is pissed.  Why?

Could it be because they don't play well with others?  Could it be that they've got it all and don't want to share?  Could it be that  they percieve their monopoly in all the good stuff is in jeopardy and they're going to "take back America?"  From who exactly?

Well first, people of color, Obama in the White house goes against everything these racists believe in.  They'd literally cut of their noses to spite their faces to keep a black person out of the white house again.  And they will.

If anyone in this country has been brainwashed it's these idiots.  They vote against their own interests, which is to say that they vote to starve the government of funds it needs to function, to provide basic services, and to educate the people.  They vote to provide tax breaks to the very businesses that are killing the small towns throughout America, they vote to benefit the businesses that are throwing everyone including them out in the streets in droves, and they continue to do so based on some misguided notion that religion will save the day.

They're creating this self-fulfilling prophecy.  That by starving the government of the funds it needs to provide educational services and by having morons running what little education system we have, their religious leaders are rushing in to fill the void.  It's the smart thing to do.  Someone has to teach the people, they're simpletons and need guidance, and if the government isn't being allowed nor encouraged to teach them to be thinkers then why not carpe the opportunitis?

Because they're making this a third world country. They bitch about the deficit and stealing from our grandchildren and yet fail to take note how their actions will effect future generations.  By weakening the country with this religious fervor they're doing more damage than all the credit card bills they can imagine.

Beck, Palin, and their ilk are the representatives of the ruination of the U.S.

Cave canem.

And so it goes:

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