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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

we need a statesman

An no one knows what one is anymore.  We need someone to stand up and say "Look, here's where you're going wrong on this gimme gimme gimme thing. And here's what you need to do to fix it. "

Of course, then we'd actually have to listen, and we'd have to probably be in such a bad fix that we'd have no choice but to listen before we would.

It's a shame really that the one person we currently have in a position  to take the role is incapable.   I don't think Obama is really uninterested in being a statesman, I think he doesn't have any idea how to go about it, nor does anyone around him.

It involves making the hard decisions and it involves saying what people need to hear not what they want to hear, and it involves surrounding yourself with people who believe that too.  Like most politicians today he's surrounded by lackeys who will do whatever he wants or tell him what he wants to hear instead of saying, "Hey, dumbass!  Stop being wishy-washy on same sex marriage and tell the people it's unconstitutional and since all they want to do is be bullies the courts will have to decide and let it go at that.  Tell the people that whatever your predecessors did you've got the situation you've got and what it will take to fix it is more money, and taxes WILL go up.  Tell the people that they MUST be educated and that they're gong to all pay for it one way or the other so we're going to throw open the doors of ALL institutions of higher learning and admit everyone and require that they really work hard for their knowledge, not just hand out diploma's and those that make it make it and those that don't will know why, they'll have no one to blame but themselves.  Give everyone REAL equal opportunity and let the best person win. That's how you're going to save this country from itself, not by being the all season tire of the American Presidency, which is to say that you do everything, but not anything well."

That would be a friend. To both him and the country.

What  do we have?  We have the same old shit we always seem to get.  Somone who tries to tinker with this and make a few people happy, and then tinker with this,  and make a few more happy, and then stay the hell away from THAT and make more happy than not and always have most bitching about everything.  That's our fault not his.  He's just giving us what we think we want. 

Because we don't want to be bothered, we don't want to work that hard for anything, and we certainly don't want to hear the truth.  We want to be told that everything is fine and that nothing needs to change too much and that our lives will continue to go along the same as they've always been and  we're just lazy assholes who will sit in place waiting for a miracle to save us from ourselves instead of standing up and getting busy doing for each other which would benefit not only others but ourselves as well. 

I myself am sitting here paralyzed with fear over departing for parts unknown with no job, which it seems I may have to do within the month.  The classes aren't making at work and the grocery will not cut it when it comes to paying the bills. The issue now is what to do to survive when I get there.  I've got a house, I've got the car as long as I can pay for it or as long as I can hide it if it comes to that, and I can put most everything in storage and load the car and GO, but with what assurance that I have an income when I get there?  I suppose I could just stop paying the bills and save what I can and hope for the best when I get there.  But thing here are deteriorating faster than I wold like to see.  So decisions may be made for me. 

I need my own statesman I guess.

And so it goes:

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