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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sometimes I just can't keep my mouth shut

And this is one of them.

Ken Mehlman, what a complete hypocrite.  He masterminded the 2004 election, in which hating gay people was the central theme, and, I might add, won George Bush his second term.  He took ALL KINDS of money for the fabulous job he did screwing us time and again.  And now that he's done with politics on a big scale he wants us to embrace him and let bygones be bygones.

Fuck that.

I have no interest in  joining hands and singing kumbaya with a guy who would do such heinous things to his own. (we didn't know for sure he was gay but he damn well did)  There is no excuse for what he did, and there should be no forgiveness for someone who would actively work with anyone, to promote bigotry and hatred whether it's directed at us or anyone.  But this guy did particularly damaging things to the very people he now wants to  be forgiving of what he did.

I'm certain it's all a part of a larger plan for the Republican party to seem inclusive now that they see that the marriage debate is a loser. I mean really, Glenn Beck says it's not a big deal, Bill O'Reilly has shut up about it, and one after another key people are laying down their arms.  So here's their big secret weapon, their token mo who they can parade out for all to see who'll come out and tell us all how inclusive and hate free the Republicans are.

I have said it before and I'll say it again, the republican party has not been against big government in about 30 years, and anyone who is any kind of a minority and votes republican is not paying any attention. We all embraced Capitalism a long time ago so develop some principles and stand up for yourself America.  Read "What's the Matter with Kansas" if you have any questions, Tom Franks book will answer them all.  That party is surviving by the notion that the good people of Kansas will vote against their own interests.

The small towns are dying, because the very industry the populace embraces is killing them.  Why no one sees that I cannot understand.  The Conservative vote is almost exclusively based on a morality that the voters who embrace it would force us all to accept if it were up to them not what's best for us, nor what's best for the country, but governance of what happens in our bedrooms and in our heads.

This is of course denying the very obvious fact that they have dirty little thoughts of their own they can't face, and therefore have to repress.

It seems that they're finally just coming out in the open and being obvious with their hate instead of hiding it behind closed doors,  a la suburbia.

Ken Mehlman is nothing more than a symptom of the malaise that grips this country and keeps us from becoming what is possible.

I refuse to embrace that or give tacit approval to his complicity.

And so it goes:

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