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Monday, July 5, 2010


Funny how Pride and Independence Day coincide isn't it?

I've had issues these past several years about being Proud of parades that celebrate boys in speedos and drag queens, but then my type isn't very interesting, and when the married with children crowd takes over the parade I'm not impressed by homogenization.

Then there's this:

British men and women in the military ...serving as openly gay men and women.

Where's the military in our parade?

I heard tell of some Christians in America who showed up at parades with signs of apology since they FINALLY interpreted the message of their God as being one of acceptance and love, instead of fear and hatred. 

It's about fucking time.

There's a young man whose blog I read frequently, he goes by the moniker Davey Wavey, (yes he's young) and  recently he's become quite the outspoken little activist. 

I quoted and linked to his post recently about  some Catholic propaganda he'd found while doing research. And then today I see that he's a little miffed that he can't stay in the United States and get married to his love.

Good for him.

I'm not sure going up against the IRS is a good idea, but it would certainly get attention.

So here's to awakenings.  May they be informative, motivating, and have lots of positive results.

The 5th of July it seems is a lazy day designed to provide rest and reflection for those of us lucky enough to be born in a country as simultaneously rich and poor as this.

Taking it easy and considering what we really need to be doing for each other as citizens of a great nation that would not only benefit some but enrich us all, would be a healthy and possibly informative activity today that wouldn't take a lot of energy.  Maybe we could use tomorrow's energy to put newfound ideas into action. 

And so it goes:

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