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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Genius at work

I'm the New Me, and the word for today is Irony.

This genius married poorly in the 1970's and apparently is still paying the price for it.

I've always expected the police to arrive to deliver such news only I figured my "sister" would be the culprit. She's certainly crazy enough.

Then there's the Mexican drug cartel that apparently controls most of the meth traffic in the U.S. who likes to throw severed heads onto the dance floors of Mexican nightclubs.

Apparently La Familia Michoacana is a Christian fundamentalist paramilitary crime syndicate (to borrow a phrase, you can't make this shit up, I dare you to try!) that insists they only kill people who deserve it and that their members have good manners.

I will contend, until OJ, or a well-mannered member of La Familia Michoacana severs my head, that this was not the intended message of the authors of the bible. I think that perhaps a message of love and acceptance was the intent, not "Well, yeah it's ok if they deserve to die."

Alas, here in suburban America it's easy to judge.

I know a woman at work who's a single mother (28) and has been an employee at the grocery for 9 years. Trying to raise her 8 y/o daughter, and has had one bad series of things happen to her after another. Nothing catastrophic, but annoyances major enough to put her into bankruptcy and back in her mother's home.

This past month after hearing that she had enough money to buy a car and move out I happened to run cross both a car and a house that fit her needs perfectly. Today she'll drive the car I found to the house I found and sign the lease. I feel like I did something good for someone. Feels nice.

On the other hand I still have that list of people who need their heads severed, maybe I should read a few passages of the bible while contemplating.

And so it goes:


Bigg said...

What do I get if I can pronounce and define 'irony' correctly? I want more than a gold star, mister.

The New Me said...

well knowing YOU certainly can pronounce and define irony, I'd be a fool to deny you anything. So name it!