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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

Just when one thinks the Gods have forsaken them and all hope is lost, along comes the very thing one wished for, and it's a demanding bitch.

A few weeks ago I mentioned having sent off a writing sample to a website in application to be a reviewer for them.  Then I realized I'd sent off an article that I'd edited poorly and they asked for another.  I wasted a week on revisions of an article I'd dashed off in a few minutes and finally sent it yesterday.

They hired me.

They also sent me a list of things they expect within the week. 

Someone remind me to be grateful.-

My poor brother is the only one left who will deal with that S.O.B. my adoptive father.  Last night he was called to come and help the old man who was complaining of shortness of breath. When he got there the old man thoughtlessly insulted my brother's wife.  Needless to say all hell broke loose. Many things got said.  My brother quotes himself as saying something to the effect of: "You ran S*** off, you ran C***** off, you ran my son off and my wife and now you're trying to run me off. Who the hell are you going to have left when you're done with all of us?"

Personally I couldn't care less, that old bastard should rot, but I find his patterns of abuse interesting.  Someone must always be to blame.  And when it's discovered that he's the culprit there's never an apology forthcoming.  He also asked my brother not to tell anyone of the argument.  This is an old pattern because he knows he'll come off looking bad and he wants to control the situation.  Dick.

I also contend he couldn't have felt that bad he had the energy to have a fight with my brother.

It's my firm belief that he's still here at 87 because he refuses to learn the lessons the Gods put him here to learn.  The day will come and I wouldn't want to be him when it does.

And so it goes:

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