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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Chris Brown can't bite anybody in the UK, but Joran van der Sloot goes about killing willy-nilly.

I'm no advocate of Chris Brown, I think he's a spoiled little child who acted hatefully to someone he professed to love, and he deserves what he gets. Not to mention that no one should be buying his records let alone attending his concerts.


Why do you suppose that no one seemed to notice that Joran van der Sloot was capable of murder? Not once, but twice.

I mean, doesn't it suggest that someone somewhere wasn't paying attention? Or perhaps they were. I don't know it just puzzles me that no one came to the conclusion that he bore watching since he was already well suspected in killing one woman. But no, he was free to roam the planet killing whomever he deemed needed it. Odd, that.

Certainly there are odd people roaming the streets, there's no shortage of them, but those that are obviously over the top surely give clues, little hints to the possibilities that lurk in their dark minds. Maybe not, as I get older and think I've lived long enough to see everything I get proven oh so wrong.

I haven't read the whole article today yet, it's akin to watching a train wreck in my mind. We know we shouldn't look, but we're compelled. Not one, but two people had to die before someone somewhere finally said, "Hey, having this guy on the loose is NOT a good idea."

Two! Is that what money and influence can still buy?

Well, it's too bad, he's obviously intelligent, and talented at something however dubious, and as youngsters go he's quite handsome, and now he'll likely spend the rest of his life in a Peruvian prison.

I suppose what really interests me here is, WHAT could be going on in his mind? It's obviously a mess, and he apparently can't distinguish right from wrong, but is it organic? Is it something that was nurtured into him? What?

It's a puzzle really. And as far as his father's influence is concerned, it was apparent that it came to bear on the Aruba situation, but does Daddy's influence extend to Peru?

Brown's prison is somewhat more public.

I don't have to wonder which is worse.

Maybe we should ask O.J.

And so it goes:

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