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Monday, June 14, 2010

understanding =unemployment

If we understood socialism all of our current politicians would be unemployed.  Socialism in Norway apparently means integrity, patriotism, fiscal responsibility, and following the golden rule. 

None of which, of  course applies here.

Understandably Norwegians don't want us to start emigrating in droves, they don't dislike Americans, but living with them...well, would you if you had a choice?

They have no debt, if you get sick you just walk into the hospital and they care for you, a budget surplus, oh, and their economy grew the last two years...did yours?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not cold all the time, day and night do get fucked with due to it's location, but you can't have everything. 

There are also 25 days of vacation each year, and everyone gets a pension. Plus 10 national holidays.

What the fuck are we so afraid of socialism for? 

Because our education system keeps us stupid.  If we really understood the benefits of socialism, and that IT IS NOT COMMUNISM, we'd be clamoring at the gates for it, and booting these greedy bastards we've got in office out in the streets. 

So see, it's really not in their best interest to educate us properly. 

I read this weekend that there are people going to jail for non-payment of credit card debt.  That's not exactly correct.  What's happening is that these people are apparently being sued by their credit card companies, or the collector, or someone, and they fail to show up for a court date, which generates a warrant for the arrest of their dumb asses.  THEN they go to jail and the bail is coincidentally the amount they owe. 

It's usury, it's debtor's prison, and we've effectively returned to the 19th century, but we asked for it.  We gave control of the country to the corporations and now we' get the government we deserve.

I don't dislike Barack Obama because he's black, or because he's  heterosexual, not even because he hasn't done much on gay rights.  I dislike Barack Obama because he's ineffectual. 

He has accomplished NOTHING.  The only thing I can think of that could possibly prevent him from being a one-term President, is if the Republicans do something nutso like run Sarah Palin against him next time.  THAT would not only bring the Democrats out in droves, but it'd bring tons of Republicans over to the Democratic ticket in an effort to prevent HER from being in charge...can you imagine? 

Well, it's apparently our job to figure out what kind of government we want, and it's our job to see to it that it's installed in the hallowed halls to our benefit.  Now the question is, are we smart enough to do it?

And so it goes:

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