The soul has greater need of the ideal than the real for it is by the real that we exist, it is by the ideal that we live

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

toying with me

Looking at a new apartment in an hour.  Mostly it's just out of curiosity.  I saw the sign and thought "what the hell."  it's closer to the college, and it's in a more bucolic setting than the current place.  So I called, and they want me to come today and see it.  I doubt it will meet my needs. 

it already has one huge strike against it, no garage. 

I ain't scraping windows.

I keep coming back to my dissatisfaction with blogger over the fact that i created this blog  before I knew about my real name and had already chosen the name I thought I was going to use.  But when i found out I created an email address in the correct new name and then discovered that I can't move the blog...ever.  We've been round and round about this. I could lose that email address altogether if I could move the blog. But no.

So I'm thinking about looking into a new custom domain name and moving the blog on my own.  Nothing is impossible, but it may be more difficult than I'd like.  If I fall in love with this apartment and want to move in, what then?  See, nothing is impossible. Unlikely that I'd take a place that has no garage, and no apparent place to set up my studio?  Well, yes, but not impossible.   

Turns out he upheaval at the college was nothing more than grumbles.  Everyone was fine yesterday when I went there, except for the immature little boy who throws himself on the floor and holds his breath until he turns blue.  Him I can handle.

Went to the studio yesterday and glazed a few pots so I can finish up the semester.  I'd love to get my hands on  a studio and really make pots this summer, but who knows.  I'm not sure I can make a living selling $15 bowls, but nothing is impossible.    

The 24 y/o skater boi (i spell it that way due to his age, he attempts to be more mature, it's amusing) has been emailing me.  He wants to get together again.  Nice to know I still got it.  Who knew? nothing is impossible.

I'm surprised so far that BP nor the NYPD has invoked the mantra of our times, "It's a miracle."  Cause everyone seems to thing that when something good happens it has to be a miracle anymore.  Can't be just being in the right place at the right time, nor possibly have worked one's ass off to get what they got,  nor, gods forbid, actual human accomplishment.  Nope has to be a miracle.  Nothing's impossible, but give humans a little credit please.

Lost/found my ipod, then realized the new media player software does not support ipod.  tried to d/l winamp to update yesterday and it won't install, no time to figure that one out.

Thinking I need a trip for my birthday at the end of the month.  K wants to go to Memphis.  We're a bit at odds right now and i don't think it's a good idea so I'm putting him off.  We do not travel well together.  He's a bit of a princess, and if I'M saying that you gotta know he is one.  I'd rather go to Chicago for a day or two.  There's all kinds of things to do and I'd have fun. Besides maybe I could look into directing jobs while I was there.   in Memphis we'd drink on beale street,and see graceland.  oh boy.

Maybe there are things that are impossible.

And so it goes:

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