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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ethnic studies out in arizona (why does that not surprise me?)

The Arizona legislature has outlawed Ethnic studies classes in public schools that "promote resentment" of other ethnic groups.

Who outlawed this kind of thing? Why the ethnic groups that were being resented that's who!

That kind of thing is reserved for the clubhouse at the golf course thank you very much.

Fat old Republican men with golf clubs in the back of their Navigators do not like being eyeballed by the wetbacks who cut the grass at the club. So how do they deal with it?

Why they change the rules, that's how.

It's how bullies have worked for centuries. They don't know that the truth will set them free.

Yes, I admit I am sitting here smack in the middle of white America exploiting my fat over-educatedness for everything it's worth, but I can't help but know in the back of my mind that that shit ain't right yo. BTW my whiteness ain't gettin' me much either anymore.

How long do you suppose it'll take someone to haul their asses into court and challenge that stupid law? Not long I think, unless of course they're pulled over on the way to the courthouse and profiled into the hoosegow.

Ethnic groups, (read Mexicans) forget that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave, especially if you're white, republican, and a member of the club.

The Constitution of the United states has been co-opted by rich white folks since it was written to be used to our advantage, and I hope I'm not around to see what happens when we get our comeuppance.

I'd move to Montreal but I know shit about Hockey and it seems necessary to survive there.  Besides it's cold as fuck.

Then there's the strange case of Dr. George Rekers.  Dr. Rekers has long been one of the most outspoken advocates of denying GLBT  applicants the right to adopt.  One of his many faulty contentions is that this environment would place undue stress on a child who already has many stressors.  hmmm...

Well, as one of those children who was adopted into a heterosexual home I would like Georgy-boy to know that had I been adopted into a gay home where I was not only loved, but told the truth, I likely wouldn't have had any of the acting out behaviors I had as an adolescent.  I likely wouldn't have stolen, lied, whored myself (which was kinda fun actually) attempted suicide, nor become a drug addict had I known the truth and not been driven by a nagging sense that my life somehow was a complete lie. In the end the truth set me free.

But George's faulty posits aside  he's been exposed as a self-loathing mo who has an aversion of his own, mostly to himself. He apparently hired "Lucien" from the website to accompany him on a European trip to provide "meditation and massage" I assume.  He asserts it was so Lucien could carry his luggage.  Well I hear tell some men have bags that sag as they get older so maybe he wasn't far off the truth.

He resigned his position with  the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) effective immediately after the news of "Lucien" broke.  The truth will set you free George, trust me I know.

BTW My post yesterday regarding the mysterious Midnight Train to Georgia cover by House, Chase, and Foreman at a karaoke bar turned out to be prophetic in light of this story.  Long story short, they treated a guy who had some affliction  (as do all patients on House) that no one could decipher and   in the investigation it was discovered that not only was the guy gay but he'd voluntarily undergone aversion therapy and hence lost both the girl and the guy who loved him.  The truth shall set you free.

And so it goes:

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