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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diablo Cody doesn't do her homework

People who are not from the midwest shouldn't be allowed to write about tornado weather. They absolutely never get it right. From that travesty Twister, in which people watched cows fly by the truck they were in, which got not one broken window from flying debris, to last nights embarrassment when John Corbett's character Max brings the gay neighbors some water "in case the pipes break"


It's not a fucking earthquake you morons.

This is completely the fault of Diablo Cody. She's the writer, producer, executive producer and maybe the gofer as well on Showtime's United states of Tara. Cody hails from Chicago so this is doubly ridiculous, she knows better.

It was made all the funnier that they appeared to use an actual reporter from one of our,local stations to announce the Torando watch. The misspelling they made a big deal of several times, it was stupid. The Gregsons, you see live in the fictional/not fictional city of Overland Park, KS. Mind you I live right next to Overland Park, KS.

Do I recommend that John Corbett Diablo Cody et al descend on Overland Park and begin filming for several months a year? No NO A THOUSAND TIMES NO!

Do I recommend they stop insulting the populace of the city they've chosen for their locale? Well, yes, yes I do.

I've tried twice to watch this thing after a friend recommended it.

Can't do it.

Nurse Jackie yes, United states of Tara,no.

The Tudors and that overacting mess Jonathan Rhys-Myers? That's another matter altogether.

Showtime keeps my attention with Californication, the wonderful Weeds, Dexter, and now Nurse Jackie, but they're missing the boat with Tara and The Tudors.

Noticed yesterday that I'm gettin' itchy again about moving somewhere. And there's not one thing to keep me here this time. We'll see what comes up when I put it out there.

I don't know if it's me being burned out after March Madness on the job, or if the students are ready for this interminable semester to end, but they put,um, shall we say...not one scintilla of effort into last nights class. I finally gave up and let them go home half an hour early. I'm too old to do all the work here,it's their grade not mine.


And so it goes:

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