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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Missed One

Yesterday in my haste to get started with the exciting day I forgot one notable Irishman.

 Colin Farrell seems to have lost some of that elfishness he had in his youth.  And perhaps as he's aged he's become a bit more discriminating in his choices of scripts.  I hope so, though I've never been a fan, mostly because of his choice of material, I always wanted to be. 

In any case there's the St. patrick's day wrap up.

The rest of the week doesn't promise to be very easy.  I've got work today and then tomorrow there's door building for several hours and THEN work. 

Very little actual drinking got done this St. Patrick's day, too busy and too late.  Perhaps I can make up for it on Friday. 

It seems to me that blogging may be passing out of fashion.  Good.

More room for the rest of us.

I wish I had the time right now to address some of the issues I'd like to speak to here, but life keeps getting in the way.  I've got to get some apps out to teaching jobs for the fall, and oh yes continue to teach for my boss and direct his show.  Little details like that.

I'm exiled from my friends in the southwest right now. He is out of the hospital and last I heard was doing well.  But last week she started having this major freak out over things that happened during surgery that she's been reading in reports.  It seems that  when they finished the surgery and were checking him one last time, they determined there was a leak in one of his grafts and they went back in and re-sutured it.

her description to me was that they "ripped him open and resutured." 

I told her I thought she was borrowing trouble, and that she needed, first to explain to me what she thought the problem was, and second, needed to accede to her husband's wishes to leave it alone since he is recovering nicely.

She apparently is now not speaking to me. I haven't been texted in a week.

Which is fine, but begs the question, why do people constantly want to borrow trouble when i comes to major life stuff. 

Is it just me or doesn't shit like that come along all on it's own without any prompting from us?

She'll start speaking tome soon I'm sure, but then she and I will have this discussion about creating drama where there is none, and how unacceptable that is. 

We learn such odd behaviors that we're all doomed to repeat.

Lat night I caught part of a film on Encore called What Love is.

It was all dialogue, all very fast, and all very succinct in it's analysis of people and why they do what they do in relationships.  I loved what I saw.  I'll have to see if i can find it again.

We still have no health care, no ability to exercise the right to marry, no protection from employment discrimination, no safety on the streets, and no Harvey Milk to champion our cause.

And so it goes:

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