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Monday, March 29, 2010

It takes a zealot...

I read this morning about attorney Jim Anderson, who has been waging a legal battle with the Catholic Church over abuse allegations for years.  Well, good for him.  I hope he succeeds in bringing down e largest purveyor of hate in the modern world.  Not to mention haven for the delusional, self-loathing, and arbiter of all things holy. 

He says he re-discovered his faith in God when he became a recovering alcoholic.  Well, I hope his God is on his side, he'll need it against those rich bastards he's fighting.

Another headline I simply can't ring myself to read says: " 80's Stars Hall And Oates back in spotlight."  What did they do apologize for all that heinous music?

Last week as a full-time teacher, back to the grind next Tuesday. I'll miss it, hopefully only for a little while.

The show is proceeding apace.  We added the technical elements yesterday, and as I expected the entire show fell apart.  It took them the same amount of time to do the first act as it should to do the entire show.  And we only stopped once for two minutes for  a technical problem.  I can't be anything but accepting of their dilemma, it's a tough process, and they're kids.  They'll get it together, meantime we'll forge ahead.

 Levi Johnston, and Sarah Palin will have reality shows.  Please tell me what is real about those two?  PLEASE!

And as you may have noticed in the sidebar, some Texas hoodlums were sentenced for their heinous attack on gay bar patrons in Galveston. (They chunked 4 pound pieces of rock in the door hitting people in the head.  One young man has no balance and stutters as a result.) One took a deal and got 5 years. The other pled guilty and got 20 years.  I'm sure they'll be fine upstanding Texans when they get out of Huntsville.

Yesterday I inadverte4ntly engaged in a conversation with my LD about job hunting in academia and she asked why I'd only applied for 6 jobs this year because she had applied for 45.  (everything is a tape measure contest with this woman.)Then I informed her that I only apply for jobs thatare west of the Mississippi, and NOT Texas.  Guess who's a Texas native. 

Sick as I am I felt much better after that..

And so it goes.


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