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Monday, March 1, 2010

...and another and another...

Three weeks ago I got a text telling me that a good friend has to have surgery to correct some mitral valve issues.  Friday I got an email telling me my boss at the college is having a cardiacc cath tomorrow and possibly an operation.


So this week while I await news from the southwest about my friend, I'll be covering all the classes for my boss and waiting to hear about his health as well.

This makes me nervous, especially since they have the same first name.

Oh, and my boss just spent the weekend in the same city my friend lives in. It's not a tourist destination, so it's doubly odd. 

AND Saturday morning I called Hawaii to check on another friend after hearing about the tsunami warning.  I had intended to wait until an early but more decent hour than it was when I first heard, but halfway between early and less early I learned that Hawaiian officials had sounded the emergency sirens statewide so I figured what the hell he's up, and called.

This was the result of that warning:
THAT'S my kind of Tsunami!

Also yesterday I was at the grocery and this guy walked up and asked where the hot dog buns were.  It was  my old boss from the radiator store.  He's semi retired, and he looked great.  I was so happy for him, he always worked his ass off for that business so I was glad he got  something out of the demise of the store.

So, since it seems to be a period of happy coincidences I'm well awaiting the next one...and the next...and the next...

And so it goes:
(I've taken the liberty today of posting a picture of the partner of an acquaintance. It's just such a sweet pic and I couldn't resist.  I hope it's ok.)

Love cause it's all you got.

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Don's Girl said...

Pray good things for your chums with the heart issues. Hey, I had the mitral valve thing in 2006--scar itches some, yet mitral valve gets fixed and get on with life.

And how come I never had such a metronome like THAT by my piano...