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Friday, February 12, 2010

We have only ourselves to blame

What's happening to John Mayer is really not his fault. I mean, he's stupid most of the time when he speaks, yes. But this unfortunate use of the n word really isn't something we should be surprised over.

Should he be contrite and beg forgiveness of those he offended?  Well, yeah he should, but he talked about fags too, so it was an all-purpose offending interview. 

John Mayer doesn't have the sense to tell us he's got a big dick and that he's talented, handsome, and rich, he's got to prove to us that he's cool too with the outrageous  interview and the shocking quote.

We can only blame ourselves when we don't turn our backs on him and make him pay the consequences of his immaturity by ostracizing him.

So, though he's an immature little 32 year old boy, it's our fault when we don't treat him like one.

We turn to our celebrities for so much guidance that it really is our own fault when they prove to be nothing more than children with feet of clay.

And boy so it goes:


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