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Monday, February 22, 2010


It snowed again yesterday.  Not the several inches that was advertised, but enough to make life miserable...again.

This winter is trying to send me a message I think. I didn't get it last year when winter came and stayed for a LONG time, but this year I think I get it.The universe is telling me I need to leave here.

And I'm ok with that.  All I need now is a job.  Oh, wait, that's been the hold up all along. Damn!

Well since I spent an hour yesterday on looking at houses in a city in the southwest I think I'd like, especially since no one I know lives there anymore, and it'd be mine.  I can afford it, and it's gonna be 52 there today.  AND they have seen the sun this year.  I have not.  Honestly.  No sun since before the New year. 

But I obsess. 

Technology has conspired against me yet again.  My primary bank account is with an organization we all know   due to their inventive commercials about their name.  And as a result my checking account is completely electronic. 

Last week I finally got around to sending them the papers to change the name on the account and get a new card with that name.  That would be when all hell broke loose.

The day I sent the papers I tried to charge something online for $11.00.  It was declined.  This puzzled me since I had $11.00 in the acct and it shouldn't have declined.  I thought to call them on Monday and then promptly forgot about it.

Then on Thursday i tried to send my sister-in-law an ecard for .99.  Declined. 

This time I did call. I was informed that a charge had to be at least $1.00.  ok, well I don't like that, but ok. I asked the woman I was speaking to if they'd sent my new card reflecting the name change on it yet.  She obviously had no idea what I was talking about. After she caught up, she assured me that the new card would go out that day and to continue to use the card I had since the number would be the same.  Still needing to pay the .99 to hallmark  I used the other account and forgot about it.

Saturday I went to the office here to pay March's rent.  It did not go well.  After several attempts to get the card to take the charge, and several calls to the bank I was informed that yes, both cards have the same number, but not the same expiration date, so that must be the problem.   Also, just in case it's their machine in the opffice I should try the card elsewhere to see if it works, it should.

It didn't.

Yesterday I inadvertently pulled out that card to buy lunch.  "Invalid Card Number" was the response. 

Dear God!

So today I was informed that there was a 'glitch' in the system  (I've had that job,  this means that someone somewhere canceled the damn card, but we're not telling the customer that so he doesn't go insane) and that there are as we speak, geeks on the case attempting to make the card in my possession work, until the card in the possession of the USPS reaches me. (I'm no fool, I now this means that when the new card reaches me that it won't work as a result of all these machinations and we'll go round and round with this)

So technology has moved against me once again and I am forced to live off the largess of Capital One this week.  I so love charging my whole life so I can pay interest on a gallon of milk. 

Right now I have an appt with the chiropractor in an hour which I am not ready for, the have pottery, then I have to teach young people who are not very friendly how to work in a scene shop safely.  Meaning not cut off each others hands. last week one fo them told me that they were planning to build a shelf for some lumber and I said "ok." and one of them then said "We dont' need your permission, we just wanted to let you know what we were doing." I was underwhelmed by the respect I was being shown as their prof. So following an afternoon with those children, who, btw bring their children along with them,(little kids with poopy diapers running around all over the stage while their teenage parents don't pay adequate attention to them...yeah.) I then I get to teach acting all evening.  And since the schedule is so tight there's no time for Gin.  Oh Monday.

And so it goes:
Love cause it's all you got.

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