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Monday, January 11, 2010

Falling in love again...

Someone found George W Bush in a restaurant and videotaped their own heckling of the son of a bitch.

Young man I love you.

A blogger friend posted this on his facebook page. I was so grateful.

Now we have a study in contrasts. From someone finally giving George Bush a piece of their mind where he has no recourse except to take it. To this morning's historic court case challenging the constitutionality of Prop 8.

It's not constitutional, we all know it. But let's see what the liberal renegade judiciary says this time. I bet it goes down to defeat...again.

Besides it won't be decided for a long time since it has to go to the Supremes before it can end. We know that too.

Had a lovely conversation with a young guy in Bhopal this morning. I am still trying to get all the name change stuff done on the credit cards and loans and it takes forever.

I have decided however, that I'm going to have a little fun with it, so when I get a young guy on the phone and he's not cooperative I ask him things like "What are you wearing." For some reason that puts them off their game immediately. lol

At that point it'll go one of two ways pretty quickly. Either they'll give me what I ask for, or they'll hang up. It's 50-50 so far.

I discovered long ago that when I'm in a particularly hetero place, like the auto parts store and I'm the fag they're ignoring that I'll take advantage of that too. I start obviously checking out the guys behind the counter.

And TA-DA!! Waited on in record time and on my way. Works every single time!

So today it's the IRS, and Daimler Chrysler financial. that's likely all I'll have the strength for today. After that I have a production meeting and then I have to go to the grocery. Not Maui as some lucky folks get to do.

And so it goes:

I copied this picture from Proceed at your own risk this morning. Richard titled it "men at work" I ask you, how in the hell would one get anything done with THIS hanging around all day?

Love, cause it's all you got.

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Bigg said...

Having a little something gorgeous of my own hanging around all day, let me tell you that you still get things done because they still belch and fart and make messes and want to be fed... Sort of like children. Some of the rewards, however, are decidedly unchildlike.

So you liked the GWB clip? Cool - I laughed my ass off at it.